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Hair: Redken Powder Refresh 01


Want mussed-up, out-of-bed hair that feels and smells clean (although it really isn’t?)

A week ago, I used too much of a volumizing spray and just couldn’t get the greasiness near the roots out of my hair no matter how I shampooed it.

I was in despair because I just looked dirty and oily even after a shower. And it just got worse by the end of the day. This went on for five days.

Then I went to get a haircut (with the hope that my hairstylist would be able to help).

After a wash and blowdry, he used this Redken powder spray/ dry shampoo on my scalp and oily roots, and solved the problem immediately. The powder soaked up the greasiness.

I loved the clean-smelling scent too.

He used a blowdryer (here’s a good tip) while brushing the excess powder out of my hair. That helped to get the powder out faster.

Honestly, my roots were still (very) slightly greasy after the spray in the salon. But after I shampooed my hair again that night, I had my normal hair back.


If you’re going camping or backpacking, have this around.

The Redken website states that this is good for when you accidentally use too much hair product and want to get rid of the excess.

Let’s just say it delivered.

Available at selected salons like Evolve at Liang Court.


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