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Body: La Mer The Reparative Body Lotion


Smoothe this on for a summer-ready body.

Packed with peptides from algae extracts, hardy shore plants and antioxidants, this lotion deeply hydrates the skin.

I live in an island where it’s summer all-year round. On weekends, I’m usually in denim cutoffs and playsuits.

I’m plagued with dry, shiny (it’s-so-dry-it’s-shiny) skin on my legs, so a good body lotion is a neccessity.

This creamy lotion is a luxurious treat for my limbs.

A heady floral (lily?) scent hits you when you open the bottle. The great smell reminds you how expensive it is.

The lotion also melts into the skin without a sticky after-feel.

It plumps and quenches the skin with a satiny finish.

Remember, dry, scaly skin is not sexy.


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