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Face: Eve Lom Rescue Mask


For days when you have a break out a day before a photoshoot/ date/ gala dinner/ party-of-the-year.

We all have these moments of distress, don’t we?

Well, I’m having such a moment now.

I rarely break out but I think it must be the stress and late nights I’ve been keeping.

So I’ve got a smattering of tiny red bumps and two medium-sized pimples which I’ve been keeping in control by drinking lots of water.

Then there’s Eve Lom to the rescue.

This clay mask is unlike any other I’ve tried.

When you open the tube, the smell of camphor hits the nose. You know that this stuff is gonna calm your skin.

1. Then you notice there’s bits of dark leafy green stuff and mealy cereal stuff in the mask like an exfoliator.

2. The mask gives a tingly sensation that is soothing for irritated skin. As it dries, the mask also wrapped my face in a snug layer so skin is tightened.

3. Once the mask is completely dry, you’re supposed to rub it off using upward movements. Then use a damp muslin cloth to remove the residue. Not just wash it off.
When I did that, I felt like I was exfoliating my skin too. Clever!

(Note: Make sure you apply a thick enough layer so you can actually rub off the stuff.
And stand in front of your wash basin when rubbing the mask off or you’ll have a hard time cleaning the floor up later.

And shake well. The formula was separated when I opened my tube.)

The end result:

Skin felt super smooth.
Redness in skin reduced.
Pores look tightened.
Face looks less puffy.
I am happier. I think the Camphor calmed me down.

And apparently you can use this mask to reduce puffiness around the eyes too. Just dilute mask with some water and pat on.



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