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Beth Ditto’s MAC Powder To The People


Super-cute colours and super-cute name.

This looks like one crazy cheek powder, doesn’t it.

The compact packs a visual punch.

Just like Beth Ditto’s infectious tunes.

I haven’t seen another face powder quite like it!

When I first saw this, I was like, how is this a face powder?

The blue, brown and yellow polka dots are quite pigmented.

On its own, you could use them as (subtle and sheer) eye shadow colours.

I decided to swirl the dots together to see the effect it has on the skin, hoping that it would somehow work like Guerlain’s Meteorites that even out the skin tone with its pastel green, pink and blue pearls.

But this cheek powder left a reddish-brown colour on my skin.

– Use it as an eyeshadow palette (you get a nice matte brown, pale pink, and light blue)
– Or use it as a bronzer to
sculpt your face.

So the story goes that Ditto grew up not so well-to-do and wanted to create an economical makeup product for her fans, a cheek powder that doubles up as eye shadow.


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