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What true beauty looks like


Am re-blogging this from The Sartorialist.

Therere so many things going on in this beautiful picture.

This is one of the reasons why The Sartorialist is such an inspirational blog.

The first thing that struck me about this shot is the girl’s strong and straight back.

I love the way her top is cut so low at the back, which shows off her beautiful spine.

Then I see the heels.

Then I see the prosthetic leg (which matches the colour of her daffodil-coloured bag!).

I see strength, beauty, and a woman living life by her own rules.

I see an able-bodied woman.

Your own limits are in your own head.



  1. I loved this shot! And I saw too her beautiful back first, and only after a few seconds did I notice the leg… Such a strong picture full of emotions even though you can’t see her face!

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