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Koji Eye Talk


This is a life-saver for days when I wake up with uneven double eyelids.

Like most Chinese women, I have thin eyelids and a slight crease on each eye which can pass off as double eyelids.

On some days, particularly after a super-long sleep or after using a very good eye product that smoothens out fine lines, the double eyelid on one of my eyes disappears.

That annoys me to no end, because as you might know, beauty is all about having symmetry on the face.

Anyway, back to Koji Eye Talk ($15, available at Watsons).

Its texture reminds me of eyelash glue (I think I can use it as lash glue, i’ll try and let you know)
The formula is white, but dries clear.

Here’s how it works:
– Gently push the two-pronged fork (that comes with the bottle) into your lids to see where you’d like your desired crease to be. Note: The prongs should be curving downwards.

– Swipe a teeny little bit ON the desired crease. The line of the desired crease should be in the MIDDLE of the horizontal dab of glue, because the glue makes the area around your desired crease stick together, thus creating a double eyelid.

– Like how you use lash glue, let this product sit for about five seconds before you gently push the fork into your lid again, and set the desired crease into place.

– Make sure lids are completely dry, clean and oil-free; if not, the glue won’t work.

Ok, I have to admit, this requires plenty of practice, and although the steps above might work for me, they might not work for you. And the kind of crease that you want might be different from mine.

So make sure you set aside about an hour to learn how to use this.

I tried for like about five times before I got a hang of it and managed to create the double eyelid that I want.

Every time you fail, just use a toner or eye makeup remover to wipe the glue away, and try again.

What’s great about this product is that it’s gentle on your eyes. It contains ceramides and rosemary extract which are moisturising to protect your delicate lids.

And I like how I won’t have to worry about having the lid tape showing under my makeup. The finish is extremely natural.


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