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Clarins Double Serum 8th Generation

TBG Skincare Picks 2017

Skincare products launched in 2017 that are TBG-approved, so worth your time and money. Click on the highlighted links for the deets. Find out moreĀ about this night cream that gives the skin an improved glow and clarity overnight. Read on for further details on the Rice Power serum that soaked and hydrated the skin most effectively. TBG’s favourite face oil of 2017. A sheet mask made with Gore-Tex? We’re in. A surprisingly good soft cream TBG fell for. An iconic beauty formula made even better in 2017. A multi-purpose mask-moisturiser-primer, with a most interesting texture. The best pulpy sheet mask at a great price. A customisable, modular mask for that instant, long-lasting glow. Pamper those peepers with these potent skincare patches.

Fancl BC Night Intensive Cream and BC Facial Washing Cream; and products for saving your skin

If you want to turn your skin around quickly, beauty formulas that contain no preservatives would probably be a start. Since 1980, Japanese skincare label Fancl has stuck to its preservative-free maxim by churning out smaller bottles of product hermetically sealed for optimum freshness during use. Each box also comes with a clear indication of the production date to prove it. So if you are a health nut and prefer fresh and preservative-free foods, why wouldn’t you consider preservative-free beauty products for the skin as well? The brand’s star products include the range of watery lotions and lightweight emulsions (S$36 for 30ml each) for different skin types. The ingredients include collagen, hyaluronic acid, an essence encapsulated in a nano-formula to boost effectiveness, as well as mallow flower and blue sweet pea extract to help repair skin. The popular anti-aging cocktail BC Essence (S$125 for 18ml) which promises to rev up the skin’s collagen production (silybum marianum fruit extract), glow (pear juice ferment, and hops flower extract) and regeneration capability (blue sweet pea extract); is best …