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Lush Holiday 2017

Colourful, cute, indulgent, and smelling like a fun time in the bath, it is easy to pick out soaps and bath bombs for people you care for at Lush this Xmas. The Beauty Gazette picks the cutest from the latest Holiday lot. The Snowman Bubbleroon, pictured above, S$15. Sicilian lemon, lemon myrtle oils, cocoa and Fairtrade shea butters, soya milk powder. Photos: Lush

Lush Halloween 2017

You may have outgrown trick and treatin’; and become too tired of the annual Halloween pub crawl in your sexy zombie/ vampire/ femme-fatale-met-with-accident outfit. And all you want to do is stay home, take a warm shower then luxuriate on your couch with a beauty mask and Netflix. But you could still get into the mood of Halloween with a stash of cute Lush body care shaped in one-eyed monsters, pumpkins and black kittens in a warm bath.         Photos: Lush

The Lush Easter 🐣 Collection

There is always an occasion to pamper yourself in the 🛀 bathroom, like Easter Sunday. And Lush is all set to give you a good time in the privacy of your boudoir with a selection of cutesy chick 🐥 and 🐰 bunny-themed soaps, and bath bombs. All formulas leave you with softer, smoother, moisturised and deliciously scented skin. Like the Bunch of Carrots Bubble Bar ($25, pictured above), blended with Sicilian lemon, bergamot, and buchu oils.  Chick n Mix Bath Bomb ($19) A refreshingly sweet blend of bergamot oil and tonka absolute Which Came First? Bath Bomb, $20 Soak in Sicilian lemon 🍋 and grapefruit oils with this fizzy bath bomb Chocolate Easter Egg, $7.30/ 100g This soap is swirled with sweet white chocolate and citrus oils Flopsy Face Wash Jelly, $25 A wobbly jelly soap made with carrot 🥕 infusion and carrageenan extract Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt, $ 15 A glittery mess of cocoa butter and sweet wild 🍊 orange