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2022 Wellness Resolutions

The best thing you can do for yourself?


Here are 22 things that will make you feel better, anytime.

1. Sign up for that gym membership and get into shape.

2. Spend time taking care of your skin. Exfoliate and moisturise.

3. Get a haircut, new colour, and style your locks differently.

4. Indulge in a new hobby.

5. Spend time with, and be kind to yourself.

6. Sleep earlier and rise at a fixed time.

7. Hydrate.

8. Breathe and stretch.

9. Start a journal and write all your thoughts down.

10. Read or watch a movie to gain a different perspective.

11. Take time to reflect on the day and feel gratitude for the little things.

12. Let go of things – physical or emotional – that don’t serve you.

13. Make memories. These last longer with you than any material items.

14. Always take the long-term perspective.

15. But remember to live in the moment.

16. Eat well, cut the sugar, simple carbs and palm oil.

17. Contentment is bliss.

18. Be self aware. Listen to yourself speak.

19. Go for long walks.

20. Make that big purchase if it will make you happy.

21. Remember you always have a choice.

22. Put a loved one, first.

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