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2020 Beauty Resolution: Save The Environment With Your Routine

Start 2020 right. Little tweaks and small efforts in your beauty ritual will help save the earth.

1) Use less makeup wipes.

They are super convenient, but so bad for the environment. Most contain polyester that do not biodegrade, and clog up sewage systems. Use 100 per cent cotton pads or re-usable towels instead.

To also reduce plastic waste in your beauty routine, switch to cotton buds with bamboo or wooden handles.

2) Go for re-fillable packaging.

You consume less, and overall, pay less for your cosmetics when you buy re-fillables. For example, many cushion foundations are refillable, as are magnetic eyeshadow palettes, brow pencils and eyeliners. Eco-conscious consumer brands also offer re-fillable shower gel and facial wash options.

3) Dispose bottles and palettes in recycle bins.

Most beauty products – especially liquid foundation, skincare and haircare items – come in plastic or glass bottles. So take that bit of effort to sort your empties and get them recycled.

4) Pick exfoliants that do not contain plastic.

The simple exfoliating formula causes tiny beads of plastic to wash up in the ocean. Pick scrubs that are made up of natural components such as seed kernels, sugar or salt crystals. Otherwise just use the loofah or simple washcloth.

5) Pick brands with environmentally-conscious best practices.

Take time to read through the CSR practices of brands that would do good for the earth in the long run. Do they put in an effort to source for ingredients sustainably? Engage in tree re-planting efforts? Reduce their packaging? Use recycled or recylcable packaging?

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