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Alcheme: Personalised formula for all skin types

Custom-made skincare isn’t new.

But Alcheme sets itself apart with its detail-oriented virtual skin consultation, as well as the quality of the skincare ingredients.

The process begins with an online questionaire at, where you are required to take a portrait shot (without makeup and spectacles, even lighting), and answer questions on your lifestyle habits (are you exposed to cigarette smoke? what’s your stress level? etc.) as well as skin type.

Products are made fresh immediately after payment is confirmed, and delivery time is standard.

I yearn for radiant skin and need anti-ageing ingredients to keep my 30-something skin supple. I am also exposed to cigarette smoke so antioxidants are necessary. I am sensitive to artificial fragrances in skincare, so I opted for the formula’s natural scent.

The blend that reached me contains the extracts of centella asiatica leaf, panax ginseng root, babchi seeds and moringa oleifera seeds; as well as Vitamin C. These were added for my skin needs.

The other usual ingredients in Alcheme products include camellia japonica seed oil, niacinamide and sunflower seed oil.

The serum smells like ginseng – which I don’t mind – and was moisturising enough for me to wear it on its own. I did not have to layer other serums and even a moisturiser on days and nights when I was too tired to go through my usually extensive skincare routine.

I saw results after three days of continued use: firmer, clearer, and brighter skin.

Alcheme formulas contains no parabens, and sulfates so they must be used up within six months after the seal is broken.

Photo: Alcheme

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