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Shiseido Future Solution LX Yutaka Treatment

After a long day of meetings, I ate an early dinner and headed straight to the comforts of the Shiseido Facial Studio at Tangs along Orchard Road.

My tired skin (body and soul) were in desperate need of a pampering session.

So the skin-firming Future Solution LX Yutaka Treatment featuring the improved Future Solution LX formula with a potent medicinal enmei herb, was a treat.

The relatively spacious room was filled with calming music composed with the recordings of chirping birds and running streams of Mount Koya, where enmei grows aplenty.

Cocooned under comfortable sheets, and after a double-cleansing of the skin, I was given a most comforting massage with heated imari porcelain yutaka massage tools from Japan.

Each is handmade meticulously.

The smooth surface of the warm porcelain was rolled on my décolleté and face; while a larger piece was placed on my abdomen to soothe it.

The heat was just right, unlike regular hot stone massages that can sometimes burn the skin.

The therapist’s upward firming strokes on my face, décolleté and arms were soothing and left me deliciously drowsy.

This was followed by a slather of serum and oil. To seal the goodness into the skin, thin pieces of thermal foil were used to wrap my face.

After the 60-minute session (S$180 nett), my face glowed with a translucence and looked brighter although it was already almost 9pm on an especially tiring weekday.

The contours of my face also looked more defined.

The next morning, even with only mere six hours of sleep, my skin looked even in tone, and radiant.

So much so, I could skip my foundation that day and still looked fresh.

For a limited period, the treatment is also complimentary with a S$280 nett spending of Shiseido products (inclusive of at least one Future Solution LX item).

Call 6311 3317 for details and to make an appointment.

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