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Pamper: Urban Retreat Bangkok

When you’re tired and weary from all that eating and shopping in Bangkok, a good body massage is what you need to perfect that holiday.

But if cheap, S$10 hourly Thai massages in cramped quarters are not your thing, consider the Urban Retreat spa located right next to the Asok train station.

Urban Retreat’s suite of services are pricier than your average quickie Thai massage spots; but they are still three to four times cheaper than what you would pay in Singapore.

The prices for the services at Urban Retreat start at 400 TB for an eyebrow wax, to 3,200 TB for the “Bliss Package” (2 hr 50 min sugar and honey body scrub, mud mask and macadamia oil massage).

Plus, the experience is worth it at this decade-old establishment.

There are more than 20 clean, private and spacious rooms available, including those for couples with adjoining shower cubicles.

This means you could show up without a prior booking (say, just before dinner time) and have a good chance of getting a slot (although planning ahead is always a good idea).

I visited on Saturday at 530pm with no booking and got a slot for two (maybe I was lucky).

Urban Retreat Bangkok

Above: A packed waiting area on a weekend evening

We picked the 90 min Swedish Massage (1,500 TB) and paid an additional 300 TB for hot herbal compress.

No hidden charges, or hard-selling; and payment was made upfront before the treatment.

My husband and I could take a quick shower before the massage, which was great after a day of walking on the humid and dusty Bangkok streets.

The therapists’ movements were smooth and firm but not too painful; opening the meridien pathways, draining the lymph nodes and smoothing out the knots in the muscles.

They are sensitive and well-trained too. I had hurt my ankle and informed the masseuse beforehand; she paid extra care and did not touch the sore spot once. (I had gone to a 250 TB/ hour establishment the night before and the therapist made me yelp five times.)

The lemongrass oil used for the massage was gently soothing and not overpowering.

While the warm herbal compress (I smelled blue ginger and lemon grass) further relaxed my muscles and soothed the senses.

Afterwards, my back muscles did feel sore till the next evening (they were very tight before the massage); but I felt way lighter all over.

I’m heading back to Urban Retreat the next time I’m back in Bangkok.

Click for more information.

(02)229-4703/ (090)678-2453

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