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Casio Exilim TR-M11 Review

A strong segment in Casio’s stable of offerings is its range of TR selfie cameras that automatically turns portraits picture-perfect.

In seconds, the camera automatically adds a dewy translucence and healthy flush to the selfie, so one’s posts on social media will always be flawless and approved by adoring followers.

The latest Casio launch is the TR-M11, a camera that looks just like the cushion compact foundation, and fits in the palm of the hand. It also has an 8-LED ring light around the lens to smoothe away shadows on the face.

Here’s an excerpt from our review for The Straits Times:

“Taking a selfie with this gadget is a no-brainer. Just flip it open, adjust the position of your face within the square digital screen (perfect for the square proportions of Instagram posts) and tap the screen or press the ergonomic button at the 1 o’clock position of the camera. The best selfies are impromptu and snapped quickly, and this non-fiddly device is perfect for such moments. Portraits can also be cropped in circles directly on the camera, for quick social media profile picture uploads.”

Read more here.

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