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Estee Lauder raises awareness on breast cancer: 25 years on

Every October, Estee Lauder goes all out to bring attention to breast cancer. 

In 1992, Evelyn Lauder, the daughter-in-law of the brand’s founder, launched a campaign to encourage women to take better care of their bodies and health. She handed out pink ribbons at the brand’s counters, and later founded the non-profit Breast Cancer Research Foundation to benefit research on the disease.

Today, Estee Lauder continues its good work. 

More than $70 million has been raised to fund breast cancer research, education and medical services.

This month, it rolls out limited edition pink products, with a portion of the proceeds going to the foundation. 

Our pick from the lot: the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum with the pink ribbon keychain ($163), $20 from each bottle sold benefits the foundation.

Breast Cancer Examination tips: 

– Women above the age of 20 should do a self-examination of their breasts every month. Those aged above 40 should get a clinical breast examination once a year; while those 50 and above are encouraged to go for a mammogram once a year.

– Check your breasts 

  • In front of the mirror (arms raised, on hips, tensed; look out for change in size or shape of breast, dimpling of skin, change in appearance of nipples, discharge from nipples)
  • While lying down (pillow under left shoulder, left hand under head; hold right fingers flat to check left breast in firm circular motions to feel for lumps; from edge of breast to nipple. Also check armpit and behind the nipple for lumps. Repeat on the other side.)
  • In the shower

– Regular exercise; a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains with less saturated and trans fats; and alcohol limited to a maximum of one drink a day can help to prevent breast cancer. Breastfeeding mothers are also at lower risk of breast cancer.

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