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How Behati Prinsloo-Levine keeps her skin glowing

Victoria’s Secret angel/ supermodel, wife to Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, mom to year-old Dusty Rose, and new face of SK-II.

Behati Prinsloo-Levine shares how she keeps her skin healthy and dewy, with The Beauty Gazette.

What is your current skincare routine like? Now that I’m a mom, I have less time on my hands. So I prefer skincare products that are easy to use, luxurious and pampering. For me, that’s the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, which I use after gentle cleansing and toning. I love how this miracle water is packed with vitamins and amino acids and addresses all of my skincare concerns. It has really simplified my skincare routine, and is so effective in giving me a radiant and natural glow. I’m also always using the SK-II Mid-day Miracle Essence as a facial hydrating mist throughout the day to stay refreshed and hydrated.

What issues do you have with your skin, and how do you deal with them? I love the beach and playing sports outdoors, so pigmentation is something that I’ve always had. I always have sunscreen on to protect my skin from sun damage – it’s a must when you live in California. My skin also tends to be on the drier side, so it’s always been important for me to have a good moisturiser. Nothing too heavy, but just enough to keep my skin hydrated and nourished.

What tricks do you rely on to keep your skin looking good before a big event? My makeup artist usually puts on a sheet mask to prime my skin for extra glow before applying my makeup. Recently, she’s been experimenting with using the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence as part of my skin prep for shoots or events. It really conditions my skin and I do see a difference as makeup is being applied—my skin glows, and is amazingly clear and smooth.

Behati Prinsloo beauty tips

Behati and her skincare routine

What else do you do to keep your skin healthy? I like sticking to a plant-based diet with clean proteins. Focusing on healthy greens is one of my diet tricks. This has really helped my skin glow from within and add radiance to my eyes. I also ensure that I drink a lot of water throughout the day.

What is one beauty secret your mom taught you? A classic beauty style with a natural glow is a timeless look for any woman, and that comes from having clean and healthy skin. She has always made sure only go to bed with a thoroughly cleansed face. So it has become a must for me to always remove my makeup before I sleep, especially after a day at work. Makeup clogs your pores, so removing it before bed with a good night-time beauty routine is essential for beautiful, radiant skin.

What’s next for you? I’ve been away for a while enjoying motherhood, but I’m currently preparing for my upcoming TV appearance. It’s such an exciting challenge, and I’m so ready for it. I’ve been eating and training right through switching up my exercise routine. For example, yoga one day and circuit-training another to up my cardio game. Also, my recent collaboration with SK-II in the #OneBottleAwayFrom campaign has really helped as well, by revitalising my skin to look its best.

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