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Facial Treatments at Aesop, Nakameguro, Tokyo

“Don’t compromise yourself. You are all you’ve got.” – Janis Joplin

As I tucked myself between the sheets on the toasty spa bed at Aesop’s beautiful Nakameguro store in Tokyo, I found myself staring at this quote on the ceiling.

I’m doing the right thing then, I thought, pampering myself with the new Tranquil Order Facial Treatment for “combination, sensitive and reactive skin”.

First launched in Melbourne in 2005, the facial is now available at Aesop’s Nakameguro store, the only one in Japan which currently offers the indulgent session.


The room comes with shower facilities, complete with a range of Aesop haircare and body care for use before the facial.


The therapist decided on the Tranquil Order treatment (from 18,000 yen for 60 minutes, before tax) for me after a consultation, which involved a questionaire on my beauty routine and skincare habits.

The treatment begins with a deep cleansing ritual where she mixed the Tea Tree Leaf Facial Exfoliant mixed with the Purifying Cream Cleanser, along with some facial cabin-only professional products. This was followed by the Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser, all applied with firm and comforting strokes.

What happened next was all a blur as I was too relaxed – and drifting in and out of sleep – to pay attention to the facialist’s every step.

But what I remembered for sure was this: the soothing hot towel compress; the painless extraction; the well-controlled lymphatic drainage massage moves behind my neck, shoulders, and arms (all done with the Oil-Free Serum and Fabulous Face Oil); and a to-die-for scalp massage that took all the tension out of my body.


The view outside the store, located along the Meguro river

The crisp but drying early spring air in Tokyo had left my skin dehydrated, and the treatment immediately replenished the moisture and restored its balance. After the treatment, my skin felt firm, tight, hydrated. I left the boutique with glowing, hydrated, exfoliated, and clearer skin. My eyes also looked less tired and puffy, and the dark circles were gone.

There are six treatments available for different skin types, all at the same price.

Each is customised to the current state of your skin. Depending on its condition and the climate, the therapist will add concentrated single-ingredient doses to the blend of skincare used during the session. Such as lactic acid to improve cell turnover for those with dull and flakey skin; vitamin C to brighten and energise a tired face; or an antioxidant blend of green tea and  liquorice root to rejuvenate stressed skin.

If you are feeling jet-lagged, or just want to treat yourself before a night out in the city, head to the store for this pampering session. Just make sure you make an appointment first here.

The treatment will be available in Singapore come July.

But if you can’t spare the time in Tokyo, just enjoy the store and pick up your favourites there.

Designed by famed Japanese multi-hyphenate Shinichiro Ogata (a chef, architect, designer, retail expert, etc.), the 110 sq m boutique is the brand’s largest in Tokyo.

Strategically tucked amongst the quaint cafes, boutiques, patissiers, and florists, it is the perfect way for you to complete an afternoon in the hip Nakameguro.



Inspired by the river, and an old-fashioned (albeit uber stylish) Japanese home, the warm hues of the brass, dark wood, and thick straw mat accent the store.





Aesop Tokyo

1-13-9 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0051

Tel: 03 6455 0757


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