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How to always have good skin

You have your moods; and so does your skin.

As the hormones keep your body running through the monthly cycles, the condition of your skin changes.

Besides the right diet, exercise, and a calm frame of mind, suitable skincare helps too.

Gloria Yuan, an aromatherapist with more than a decade of experience; and international support and trainer at Neal’s Yard Remedies, was in Singapore for the launch of the Deliciously Ella x Neal’s Yard Rose, Lime & Cucumber line (pictured).

She shares tips on how to care for your skin (and body) throughout your monthly cycle.

Before your period: Skin might become oily, with clogged pores that result in pimples. Legs may become swollen, and your abdomen may become bloated.   

Use an oil-free and mattifying serum to control the oil. The Clarifying Mahonia Skin Gel is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, so it helps to calm skin.

To deal with the swelling legs and bloatedness, pamper yourself with essential oils.

Add 25 drops of geranium essential oil into a 100ml bottle of sweet almond oil.  Massage it into your lower back, and the abdomen after your bath. Or add five drops of essential oil into a warm bathtub.


During your period: The skin may become a little drier, and the menstrual cramps hit, while the bloating may continue.

Include a facial oil into your beauty routine, like the Rehydrating Rose Face Oil; and a moisturiser with hyaluronic acid, or a richer cream such as the Frankincense Hydrating Cream to lock it all in.

To soothe the cramps and bloatedness, try blending either Roman chamomile, lavender, or peppermint essential oil into sweet almond oil; and rub around the navel.

Stick to the same formula (25 drops of essential oil + 100ml of sweet almond oil).


For every other day, these are Gloria’s favourite items from NYR.


  • Yarrow and Comfrey Moisturiser: “It calms and heals breakouts, and contains astringent properties. It is not as oily, so it is good for use in the summertime.”



  • Organic Eye Make-up Remover: “It is very gentle, not drying, and removes waterproof make-up. Made with rosewater so it smells great.”


  • Wild Rose Beauty Balm: “I use this as a mask to re-hydrate my skin after plane trips that dry out my skin. It is multi-tasking too; you could use it as a makeup remover, or dry skin on any part of your body to make it a glow. I also like to use this on top of my blusher as a simple highlighter.”


  • White Tea Enriching Facial Mask: “I use this to get rid of angry acne that is causing trouble deep beneath the skin. After  my regular skincare night routine, I layer this mask just on the affected areas, and go to sleep. The next morning, a whitehead appears where the acne is, and I can remove it easily.”


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Picture: Neal’s Yard Remedies

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