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Hugo Boss Woman Extreme

To be honest, I don’t usually like the bottled juices of run-of-the-mill luxury labels.

They pretty much all smell the same if you ask me. Just because the marketers only want the perfumers to make tried-and-tested accords that they know (or think) will sell, based on past successful blockbusters.

Anyway back to Hugo Boss’ latest offering. 

It is actually quite good for a regular department store juice.

An EDP, here’s what it says on the box:

“A boost of freshness and feminity where floral notes collide with revitalising black tea. 

Top notes: boosted boysenberry and Himalayan red grass

Heart notes: revitalising black tea and jasmine

Base notes: feminine osmanthus”

My thoughts: Light and youthful floral with a berry accord that is not sickly saccharine sweet. Probably because a hint of the tea accord lends it some earthiness. Smells better when sprayed on clothes; relatively long-lasting.

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