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Air pollution and your skin

The air is clean, crisp and fresh in Singapore; most of the time. 

But when the neighbouring countries practise irresponsible burning of the forests, my lung and skin suffers from the grey smog that hits. Like now.

It’s a problem you would face too if you live in cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, New Delhi.


In such dreary conditions, my skin flares up easily if I don’t take precautions. 

Here’s how I keep my skin balanced when air pollution literally hits me in the face: 

1) Stay healthy; the skin is a reflection of inner health

So eat well, sleep well, and drink enough water. Because when your body’s immunity is down, your skin will be affected too.

2) Give skin more vitamin shots than usual

To deal with aggressive pollutants, I take extra care to slather my skin with more antioxidants. 

I use the lightweight serum oil, Estelle & Thild Super Bioactive Repairing Oil Complex, to soothe and pamper my skin.

Then I seal it all in with Allies of Skin 1A All-Day Mask, which is more like a super-potent cocktail gel moisturiser.

It is important to protect your bare and clean skin by layering on, and sealing antioxidant skincare into it.

So the pollutant particles are less likely to rest directly onto your skin. 

At night; hydrate skin well with rich gel masks that are packed with skin-nourishing ingredients, such as Skin Inc’s Pure Deep Sea Hydrating Mask or Peter Thomas Roth’s Gold Mask

And once a week, if you like, use a detoxifying mask to cleanse skin of pollutants. Such as the Kose Seikisho Mask White, or the Dr Jart’s Foam Clay Mask.

3) Don’t forget the sunscreen. 

The sun’s rays may not be as strong through the smog, but the damaging UV rays are definitely still there. 

I like Clarins’ UV Plus Tinted Sunscreen which gives skin a glow and contains anti-pollutant properties. Alternatively, I use the Lancaster High Protection Sun Control for Sensitive Skin. 
***The Beauty Gazette is not affiliated to any of the brands listed, and does not earn a cent from directing readers to the links.

All products listed were tried, tested, and loved by The Beauty Gazette.

Photos: Joshua Tree National Park/ Instagram; Gerd Ludwig/ Instagram

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  1. Great post! My boyfriend is Singaporean so I have been to Singapore to visit his family there and I really notice the smog too, especially coming from Australia. Love these tips to protect skin against it, I will have to use it in August when I come to visit next :)

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