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Wearing make-up to the gym

With all the hip new exercise options in the most bustling spots in town, looking tired while you sweat it out is not an option. 

Especially with the latest virtual gym passes (KFit, Guavapass) that get you through to the fancy spinning classes, barre, MMA sessions, and aerial yoga time-outs. 

You want that post work-out glow before the work-out.

It’s the same reason why you would shell out the money for pricey designer sportswear. The sleek cuts and cute cut-outs make you look good while you prepare to get your heart pumping.

It is proven that if you feel good before you actually hit the gym (or the tarmac), you would perform better.

Now, for the make-up to match those spiffy Lululemons.

(If you already unintentionally wear make-up to your workouts when you rush to classes after work, these tips are for you too.)

1) Stay away from the pore-clogging make-up. 

I would not recommend slathering on picture-perfect foundation just before you sweat it out. It might end up patchy and stain your perfect (and pricey) sports outfits.

So keep it light with just a tad of concealer around the eyes. I like the new NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer or my classic fave the YSL Beaute Touche Eclat. If you like, add a thin veil of tinted BB cream (compact cushion such as the Laneige BB Cushion or tube Guerlain Lingerie de Peau). A tinted sunscreen that gives the skin a rosy tinted dewiness, such as the Clarins UV Plus Anti-Pollution Day Screen Multi-Protection, would work well too.

2) Keep those peepers open.

Mascara and eyeliner look great on you, any time, anywhere. Including the gym.

It only makes sense to go for the sweatproof ones; the last thing you want to look like is a sweaty panda. The  Eyeko Sport Waterproof Mascara never fails me even when I have sweat pouring down my face. The Nars Minorque Kohliner keeps me looking sharp throughout my sun salutations. 

3) Don’t forget the brows

Brows are everything. You need them to frame the face even while acing your spinning class. The Shu Uemura Hard Formula brow pencil and the Kate Eyebrow N keep mine on.

4) Add some colour

But a powder blush and a bold lipstick is too much for gym class. Go for a handy and fuss-free lip and cheek tint for the flushed look. Doesn’t matter if you haven’t even had your warm-up yet; look the part first. My faves: BenetintPeri’s Lip TintYSL Beaute’s Baby Doll Kiss & Blush.

Disclaimer: None of the brands are affiliated to my site, links are there for readers’ convenience.

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