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Tasteful makeup

As the queen of tasteful make-up Bobbi Brown says: “Confidence is everything, but a little makeup can’t hurt.”

But to some, it seems that “Make-up is everything, but a little confidence can’t hurt.”

Like all art forms, makeup is a form of expression.

It expresses a woman’s aspirations (like red lipstick for an extra dose of sophistication); and the way she wants to portray herself (say, bold and arched brows to channel confidence). 

At the same time, a woman’s make-up highlights her fears and insecurities.

I can always tell when a woman uses makeup as a crutch. She erases her natural features and transforms her face into something completely different. 

There is nothing wrong with going to the extremes with make-up. 

But there is something not quite right when everyday, a woman’s visage looks like a caricature. Her eyes seem too large with copious amount of liner, lashes and mascara; while her nose bridge and cheekbones look painted-on. (Granted, in some cases, the OTT make-up is unintentional; they just need better make-up skills)

It is one thing to look good with the canera filters on Instagram; and another to look like a freakshow (with that same make-up) in real-life.

Fine make-up is about that subtle eyeliner flick, the hint of colour on the cheeks, artfully smudged lipstick, and light dusting of bronzer and highlighter.

It is subtle and accentuates her features, rather than disguise them. 

So is it time to re-think your make-up?

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