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An anatomy of a makeup bag

There is no need to lug around a heavy cosmetics pouch – even if you think your life depends on it – if you stick to this check list (provided you already have a full face of make-up on before you leave the house).

1) Cushion foundation

For touch-ups throughout the day. Usually lightweight with light to medium coverage, they’re perfect for smoothing over liquid foundation that becomes patchy by mid-day. Plus, most give skin an added glow, so you can also blend the cushion foundation on strategic areas (nose bridge, cheek bones) to highlight them. 

And if you do not have much blemishes to hide, the cushion compact works as a concealer too.

2) Blush/ bronzer compact

Blush comes off easily, so touching up is essential. To keep your face looking sculpted all day, get a blush/bronzer duo for convenience. 

3) Black liquid eyeliner

A wing-tipped liner adds drama when you need it. And if you already have black liner on, you could always do with another layer before heading out to dinner and drinks.

4) Black gel pencil liner 

Liner on the tight line always fades by mid-day, so you’ll need this in your stash. Furthermore, if you need a smokey eye for the evening, just line your upper lash line thickly and blend with finger tips.

5) Pink tinted balm

Because chapped and pale lips are not sexy. 

6) Red lipstick

For an extra shot of full-on glamour when you need it. Or just dab it lightly all over lips to give your face some colour. Never leave home without red lipstick. 

Leave these at home.

*Mascara, lash curler: Impossible to re-apply unless you remove it all first. So what is the point of bringing it out? And lashes that are crimped properly last all day.  

*Lid primer: Cos it is meant to help your eye make-up last. If you need to touch it up, time to switch to another lip primer. 

*Eyeshadow palette: These are usually heavy and pretty bulky. So blend it on well – over a good lid primer – before you head out, and leave the palette behind. Just touch up by blending out smudges with fingertips, and add on the eyeliner at the end of the day. 

*Loose powder: Ever heard of tissue? Just use that to blot skin lightly to get rid of shine. 

Picture sources: Instagram/ @get_lipstick; Instagram/ @alyssa.lenore; Instagram/ @sephora


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