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Beauty School: Make-up artist tips

I always like to learn from  on-the-job make-up pros.

I’ve learnt from some of the best by watching them in action, or on YouTube.

Here are my favourite tips.

1) Use liquid foundation like liquid paper.
Dab it on a q-tip to correct eye makeup.
Buff it onto the face with a large foundation brush to clear eyeshadow specks; or to re-do the blusher and contouring pronto.

2) Use fine loose powder to set your lashes.
This works especially well if you have oily lids and poker-straight Asian lashes. The oil keeps the lash supple and stubbornly straight.
So dab the powder onto the roots of the lashes with a q-tip before curling, and before mascara, so the excess sebum is absorbed.

3) Make your own blush.
Just dab some of your favourite lipstick on the back of your hand. And blend well with some liquid foundation. Apply on cheeks with fingertips.

4) Keep your skin moist before applying foundation.
Skincare, or even just a moisturising mist will help keep the foundation at its optimum performance. It glides onto supple skin easily, and will not oxidise too much.


    • Beauty Gazette says

      Of course :) dot the areas where you want the flick, and join the dots. Remember to gently pull the skin taut to get a clean line.
      Or lay a marker liquid liner (like Eyeko’s) flat along the lashline and “stamp” on the strokes.
      Always keep the eyeliner on the outer corners of the eyes thicker; this will make your eyes look larger.

  1. RavishingRoses says

    Great tips! Love this post would be great if you could check my latest post out xxx

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