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YG Entertainment’s Moonshot in Seoul

Yes. The Koreans from the South are so good at raking in the moolah.

K-pop manufacturer YG Entertainment, responsible for the uber popular Big Bang, 2NE1 and PSY, has its own cosmetics brand Moonshot.

So K-pop fans can have a shot at looking a little like their idols (without having to go for surgery).

Launched around a year ago, the flagship store is mapped on the Gyeongbukgong area (along the main street of restaurants and boutiques).

It’s hard to miss the stylish block.

And inside, you will be served by a men-only make-up artist team…

The store offers both colour cosmetics and skincare.

I got my hands on five of these Jelly Pot eyeshadows that are intensely pigmented and the colours are beautifully shimmery.

And how often do you come across metallic magenta and peachy coral shadows? I had to grab them.



The second floor of the store (above) is designed for classes and workshops.

Just so you get an idea of how the make-up are some screengrabs of a Moonshot xTablo Youtube video.




Link to the video.

Any thoughts?


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