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Beauty School: How to Keep Skin Balanced

There are a few simple moves that I incorporate into my skincare routine to ensure that my skin is kept healthy.

1. Exfoliate.
I give my skin a chance to show off its best side. So I religiously slough away the dead cells on the surface with a Clarisonic brush, and foaming cleanser. This allows my products to penetrate deeper.

I do this before my night skincare routine as I do not have time in the morning. Tweak your routine to suit your lifestyle so you do not have to compromise on the important skincare steps.

2. Cleanse gently in the morning.
While I use a foam cleanser at night to deep cleanse my skin of the day’s gunk, I use a water-based cleanser in the morning.

I shower before I hit the bed, so my skin is not exposed to pollutants, and hence, not that filthy.

By swiping my skin with a water cleanser soaked pad, I give it  a good wipe down to get rid of surface oils and overnight dead cell build-up without stripping it completely of its natural moisturising factors.

3. Go outside in.
I have combination skin; which means my T-Zone gets greasy easily, but my cheeks and forehead are dry.

I used to apply my skincare products on my oily T-zone area first, then spread whatever is left on my fingers outwards.

This left my already dry cheeks and forehead starved of moisture and nutrition.

So now I start applying my skincare on my drier cheeks and forehead, then spread the remaining skincare on my fingertips on the T-Zone.

This has made lots of difference. My T-Zone is no longer as oily, and the rest of the face, not as dehydrated.

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