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Spas in Bali: Martha Tilaar Spa Eastern Garden Bali review


Martha Tilaar is one of the biggest beauty brands from Indonesia, so of course I had to give its spa in Bali a shot.

First, some pics of what to expect when you step into the spa.


The reception area is tiny, and not very impressive.
A shelf of Tilaar’s beauty knick knacks greets you.

Then you go behind the curtains…


A high ceiling and a hydro pool!
There’s actually plenty of spa space behind that small reception area.


I was all grimey after walking along the hot and dusty streets of Seminyak all day. And there was nothing I hate more than getting massaged with oil when I am filthy.

So I was glad I was shown into a locker room where I could rinse myself clean.


Not many mid-priced Balinese spas offer this luxury!

Then I took a quick look at some of the rooms; all inspired by different cultures.


The Victorian room for a shower massage of sorts.

We were recommended the couple Indian themed room, and I loved it.


The towels are in a mess here cos we just had our feet soaked.



The room is cosy and perfect for couples.

Now, the massage.

Hubs chose the Traditional Balinese massage (550,000 rupiah for 90mins) while I got the Stone Massage (600,000 rupiah for 90 mins.

The total bill plus tax came up to 1,293,750,00 rupiah.

I chose to have a ‘moderate’ massage in my registration form and a slight and very young looking masseuse was assigned to me.

Sigh, well, the massage was inconsistent to say the least.

She got some spots right, and the rest weren’t so great.

The hot stones didn’t do much to relax me; they were either too hot or too cool.

Hubs had a good time though. He chose to have a ‘firm’ massage and was assigned a more senior therapist.
She got rid of the tension in his body and he fell fast asleep.

I stayed awake most of the time during my treatment.

I would have chosen the same as hubs if I had known …

Anyway, after the treatment came to an end, I was starving.
And so was glad for the bowls of dried apricot, prunes and almonds that were served in the lounge.



Martha Tilar Eastern Garden Seminyak is located at Jalan Camplung Tanduk No. 5A Seminyak, Bali
0361 731648 

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  1. I have been dying to go to Bali with my husband but it will most definitely have to wait a few years because of little ones. I think I may have to put this on a must visit list.

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