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Face: Palgantong Make-Up Theatrical Powder


Sometimes called ‘Star Powder’ because the celebs in Korea and Japan love it.

I got this loose powder in Original Beige and it is supposed to mattify and brighten skin.

Here’s how the contents looks like:


Unlike most loose powders that are white, this is beige. The powder is also light-weight and finely-milled.

It gave my skin a flawless finish and a nice glow, unlike the pale, matte patina that most powders will leave behind.

This is perfect for touch-ups throughout the day.

A bit of info on Palgantong (such a crazy name right?)

It was started in 1978 in Germany as a stage makeup brand (so now you know why its theatrical powder is perfect for celebs). The company was bought over by Dodo Japan in 1999.

German precision and Japanese quality.

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