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Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Serum

Lightweight, anti-ageing, gel-textured, ginseng. You won’t usually see these few words in the same sentence to describe a serum. But Sulwhasoo’s new Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Serum is exactly it. This anti-ageing formula is surprisingly light with a cushion-y gel texture, making it suitable for even younger skin (mid-20s onwards), and for use in the summer or humid climates. The ginseng scent isn’t overpowering like it can be with most formulas containing panax ginseng too. This serum promises to firm, smoothen and add radiance. I find that it keeps skin especially supple, so that the application of foundation is smoother.

Laneige Tin Balm Tint

All about the lips. A fresh spin on the good old lip balm in a tin, Laneige’s new line of Tin Tint Balm (S$26 each) offers intense colours and moisturisation. Infused with ingredients in the brand’s popular Lip Sleeping Mask, the balm melts onto lips and stains it for long-lasting colour. Glossy and lightweight, the Tin Tint Balm is available in 8 shades of pinks, reds and corals.

Sulwhasoo’s 20th Anniversary and Time Treasure Renovating Eye Serum

Luxury South Korean skincare brand Sulwhasoo’s new Time Treasure Renovating Eye Serum comes with an ergonomic, and 24 carat gold-plated eye care massager, no less. But what’s inside this new eye serum is just as precious. Formulated with traditional Korean herbs like the brand’s other products, it contains red and white ginseng, pine bark, licorice root, white peony, and Indian lotus extracts as well as shea butter. This eye serum with a light ginseng scent is surprisingly lightweight. While easily absorbed, it plumps up the fine skin and brightens the dullness around the eyes. Perfect as a primer for eye concealer too. As Sulwhasoo marks its 20th anniversary this year, find out more about the brand and its parent company Amorepacific in this article; here and here.  

Mamonde Floral Hydro Ampoule Toner and First Energy Firming Mask Honeysuckle

The South Koreans have always been known for their innovative cosmetics. Afterall, Amorepacific invented the BB cushion and single-handedly launched an entirely new category for the global beauty industry. Now with Mamonde, it has possibly launched a world-first gel-textured toner. Unlike your usual watery toner, the Floral Hydro Ampoule Toner is viscous. Lightweight and refreshing, it disappears into the skin with a few gentle rubbing movements. And the formula leaves the skin lightly hydrated, softer and ready to receive serums and moisturisers.  On hot days, place this in the fridge before application to soothe skin. This toner completes the hydrating Floral Hydro range for oily/ combination skin.  The main ingredient in this line: the narcissus with its long-lasting blooms. An extract from the narcissus bulb supposedly improves the moisturisation levels and circulation in the skin.  For best results, use the toner with the bestselling Floral Hydro cream, a relatively heavy-textured gel cream that envelops skin in a layer of moisture. Complete the beauty routine with one of Mamonde’s wide selection of pulpy and squishy sheet …

Sulwhasoo 20th anniversary edition First Care Activating Serum EX and Mask

When Sulwhasoo’s First Care Activating Serum was launched, it caused a stir because it was touted as a pre-serum, the very first step in the already elaborate multi-step Korean beauty routine (of essence, serum, emulsion, cream, suncare, primer, makeup). The slightly viscous gel-like serum is lightweight and easily absorbed by the skin, thus priming it for the subsequent skincare products that will be layered on top. The First Care Activating Serum EX, an improved version of the original concotion and a bestseller in the premium Sulwhasoo’s line-up, is formulated with traditional Korean medicinal herbs that promise to regenerate the skin. Made to hydrate and delay skin-ageing, the serum contains rehmannia, peony, solomon’s seal, lotus, and white lily.  To celebrate Sulwhasoo’s 20th anniversary, the serum now comes in a limited edition 120ml bottle. To complete the skin pampering, Sulwhasoo also launches its new First Care Activating sheet mask. The paper sheet mask is thin yet absorbent, and adheres relatively well to the skin. It is easy to use as it has a soft and thin mesh …

Mamonde launches in Singapore

South Korean beauty conglomerate Amorepacific is bent on making its presence felt in Southeast Asian markets. After its successful launches with the premium Laneige, youthful Etude House, high-end Sulwhasoo, and masstige Innisfree brands in Singapore, it now introduces Mamonde to the mix. Inspired by flowers 🌸🌼🌺🌹 (the first-ever beauty product in Amorepacific’s heritage was hand-pressed camellia oil), and created with floral extracts, Mamonde was launched in 1991.  Its products feature the ingredients from flowers such as hibiscus, magnolia, camellia, honeysuckle, and lotus. The labels’s star products include: The First Energy Essence made with fermented honeysuckle plant, vinegar and patented lactobacillus to strengthen, and moisturise skin. The Moisture Ceramide Light Cream with hibiscus 🌺 extract and ceramide to keep skin hydrated.  Rose 🌹 Water Toner with Bulgarian damask rose water 💦 which is multi-purpose: toner, makeup-remover, facial mist, and to soak mask sheets. Cover Powder Cushion with peach 🍑 flower 🌺 extract. Offers lightweight coverage, moisture, and a satin-matte finish. Highlight Lip Tint in ten flattering shades to brighten the appearance of fairer Asian skin tones. …

Dr Jart Ceramidin Derma Technology sheet mask 

A good sheet mask is hard to find. This one by Korean label Dr Jart is a pretty  decent one. The sheet mask material is sturdy, slippery and pulpy with a smooth gel-like texture. It clings well to the face even when I am going about my chores in the home. It also holds enough of the serum to soak my face with moisture for 20 minutes before it felt a little dry. And there was plenty of serum in the packet. There was enough for me to slather my face once more with the serum, my entire decolletage and the length of both arms.  After peeling off the mask, I tapped the remaining essence into my face and followed up with my regular skincare routine. The next morning, my face felt considerably smoother to the touch. 

Laneige Two-tone Lip Bar

This is the most fun lipstick I have seen in awhile. Laneige’s new Two-tone Lip Bars let you have those ombre sunset effect lips in a jiffy. There are around ten shades available, and this one is obviously my fave. (Anything bright is my default choice.) I treated the colour of the picture above…so here is a more accurate depiction of this gorgeous shade called Neon Juice. It is reddish-orange and a pretty pink. With one slick, this is the effect you will get. If you want the brighter shade to be on the outside, and the lighter one on the inside, you just have to slick on the rectangular-shaped lipstick bullet accordingly. Run, and get it now.