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For Beloved Girl Mineral Cloud-Silk Mask: Benefits and skincare ingredients

We first reviewed the For Beloved Girl Extreme Moisture Mineral Cloud-Silk Mask earlier in the year (and we still think that is one of the best masks we’ve tried so far). Now that the full Mineral Cloud-Silk range has been launched in Sephora stores, here are more deets. All Cloud-Silk masks are made with a fine cotton fabric that is super absorbent, does not dry out easily, and clings well to the face. They are of a perfect size for smaller, Asian faces too. There is a mask for every occasion. When it is that time of the month… Skin Renewal Mineral Cloud-Silk Mask (Ca). Calcium lactate is an astringent that can help treat pore and acne issues. The serum is made to soften dead skin, cleanse pores; also contains roselle, rosehip, hibiscus extracts. Oil Control Mineral Cloud-Silk Mask (Zn). Contains Zinc Gluconate and Tea Tree Oil to treat inflammation and keep sebum production in control. When you have a special night out… Flawless Brightening Mineral Cloud-Silk Mask (Fe). Made with Ferric Citrate, a kind of citric acid, for …

Isshindo Honpo Animal Face Pack and Kabuki Face Pack

The Japanese pay attention to every detail of the packaging. I can’t read Japanese but I guess the wrapper is a sort of newsletter on the endangered pandas and tigers. —- The Kabuki Face Pack is a product of the Tokyo Midtown Award design competition. The contest showcases Japanese art and cultural tradition, as well as its expertise in beauty care. Similarly, the inside of the packaging is a newsletter with interesting nuggets of info on the art of Kabuki. Characters with red faces are good, while the blue and dark faces are evil. The blue and red strokes apparently highlights the facial muscles and veins in the human face. Collagen, camellia seed extract, tea leaf extract and satozakura flower extract infused in the mask keeps it moisturised and soft.