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Aesop Istros Aromatique Room Spray

To complete its lifestyle offerings – the handwash, Post-Poo Drops, Animal, aromatherapy oils – Aesop has released its new range of home sprays.  There are three to choose from, and the signature one is Istros.  Named after an ancient Greek port town, Istros is a pink pepper, lavender, mimosa, cedar, sandalwood and tobbacco concoction that is warm, inviting, inspiring, mind-clearing, and uplifting. This is one room spray that smells so good we’re tempted to spray it on our skin (not advisable though; spritz on clothes instead if you must). Made for the sophisticated office or home. The other options are Cythera (geranium, incense, patchouli, neroli, ambrette, myrrh); and Olous (galbanum, grapefruit, jasmine, bergamot, cardamom, cedar, incense). Available at Aesop stores.