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Aesop Deodorant Roll-On

The new deodorants from Aesop are a dream to use. Feels cool on the skin and lightweight, these roll-ons have an earthy, woody scent. Way different than the medicinal-smelling or cheap perfume versions. Aesop’s are most suited for those who prefer a light, masculine fragrance to keep odours at bay. Available in two options. The regular one with vetiver, zinc ricinoleate, lavender oil, clover flower oil, eucalyptus oil, tea tree leaf oil, coriander seed oil, thyme oil, ginger root extract, wasabi japonica, and lactic acid. The herbal version contains sage leaf, rosemary leaf oil, orange flower oil, eucalyptus oil, ginger root extract, lactic acid, zinc ricinoleate, and wasabi japonica.

How to have better skin instantly: 7 things to do

These may seem obvious but you are probably too lazy to do them. So here’s a reminder to add these steps to your regular skincare routine, for fresher and clearer skin in 2018. 1. Exfoliate with a washcloth at least three times a week. Go for 100 per cent cotton cloths, and slough away the dead skin while washing your face. Exfoliate either in the morning or evening. You’ll have less flakey dead skin and blackheads. 2. Unclog pores with a micellar lotion or makeup remover. Every night. No stinting on this step. Especially when you slather on longwearing foundation and sunscreen. Biore makeup remover wipes, Sephora makeup removers, and Bioderma’s micellar lotion are our go-tos. 3. Invest in a magnifying mirror. A seven-time magnification glass will let you clearly see all those clogged pores. So you will conscientiously practice points 1 and 2. 4. Use a skin-softening lotion as the first step of your skincare application routine. This will really amp up the efficacy and absorption of the skincare products applied afterwards. We like …

Aesop Hwyl EDP

The latest fragrance from Aesop is an olfactory hideaway from the steeliness of urban landscapes. One or two (or three) pumps of Hwyl will spirit your imagination away to a deep Hinoki (cypress) forest with its earthy, smokey incense layers with a hint of spice and dried citrus. Cypress, frankincense, vetiver. An intense EDP that is as perfect on cashmere as it would be on crisp linen. Hwyl is the third fragrance in Aesop’s stable, after Marrakesh Intense and Tacit. Aesop collaborated with Barnabé Fillion, who developed Marrakesh Intense in 2014. For inspiration, Barnabe took a walk amongst 300 year old Hiba trees in an ancient Japanese forest. And now you have that moment bottled in Hwyl on your dresser. Landscape photos: Aesop

Aesop Toothpaste Dentrifice 

If you want a refreshing alternative to regular supermarket toothpaste; because you’re indie like that.  Aesop’s new Toothpaste Dentrifice is delicately flavoured with: sea buckthorn, cardamom, sea salt, anise fruit, tea tree, clove flower oil, and even wasabi… But trust me, it tastes just like a delicate version of minty toothpaste with some spice. Nothing too crazy.  With the natural oils and extracts that are generally good for the skin (and palate), this Aesop formula just seems like a more earthy choice for your teeth and gums. I would even use this to plump and gently exfoliate lips before application of lipstick. And who knows, it might also work as a mild pimple treatment (for people who swear by toothpaste to dry up angry pimples)! Launching at Aesop Singapore stores Aug 18.

Shaver of your dreams: Bolin Webb

It is one of life’s biggest mysteries. Most guys use shavers everyday. But so many of the handles are badly designed – plasticky, too light, slippery, weirdly angled – and the menfolk end up with a nick or two almost every morning. Set to do men’s faces right, Bolin Webb is an award-winning men’s grooming label famed for its ergonomic razor handles. Sleek and hefty, the handles are coated with elastomer skin on the underside; made for a firm grip, sharp turns, and a closer shave (hopefully, with zero bleeding).  To be used with the regular Gillette razors, the Bolin Webb handles come in a variety of luxe finishes, from chrome to 24-carat-gold. Now available at Maven, Takashimaya Department Store Level 3.

Got swag?: South Korea’s top men’s grooming label – Swagger

Founded in 2011, Swagger is one men’s grooming label from the land of K-Pop to look out for. Featured in many magazine titles in South Korea, such as GQ, Dazed, Men’s Health, Esquire and Arena, Swagger offers a wide range of products that are all made without parabens. Most of the ingredients are also sourced from Australia. As with many K-beauty products, it is clear that the Swagger range is made with careful thought for men’s grooming needs. Like the Face Optimizer, a multi-purpose formula that is a toner, lotion and essence all-in-one. It is lightweight but promises to moisturise and repair skin. Or the Eyebrow Maker, a fuss-free brow powder pen for natural-looking manly brows. The Beauty Gazette’s other picks: Complemented by its Face Changer Sheet Masks that leaves skin supple, the Face Terminator is a tinted all-in-one BB cream that evens out the complexion subtly and offers SPF50+/PA+++. Lightweight and gives skin a matte finish. The Shot Caller Fragrance Shower Gel, bottled in a container shaped like a whiskey flacon. Pretty packaging aside, it …

Model-actor Teddy Tang’s grooming tips

A new face to watch, the 30-year-old Singaporean will be starring in more than a handful of Singaporean dramas and variety shows come the later part of this year, and in 2017. Just to name a few: Tanglin on Channel 5, as well as Closet Secrets, Dream Coders and Heroes on Channel 8. Tang, who was previously based in Taipei to further his modelling career in the last four years, will also be co-hosting the new variety show, Let’s Go Dating. In this travelogue-reality TV-dating show, he explores the dating cultures from Chennai, India, to Hong Kong and Beijing, China. Tang, who has a degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering, has walked the runway for Fendi, Issey Miyake and Dior in Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. He has also appeared in the commercials and print ads of brands such as Samsung, Hyundai, Gucci and American Express in Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. “My end goal is to be recognised as an actor in Asia. I’d like to help put Singapore on the map for …

Osulloc Green Tea Toothpaste

   Only from South Korea:  Spotted this toothpaste in the Osulloc tea shop on Jeju Island. Couldn’t read a single Korean word that was printed on the box, but the packaging intrigued me. Love the botanical illustrations. So what  exactly does it taste like? Minty of course, but it also makes me feel like I’m chewing on crisp, green leaves and petals. Zero taste of green tea. Sounds great, but the taste took some getting used to; especially when I’ve always been big on super-minty (mouth-numbing) toothpastes. But this is worth a try, when you have a chance to pick it up in Jeju; and want to switch up your toothbrushing routine ✌🏻️