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Christian Louboutin Beauty launches in Singapore

Luxury shoe designer Christian Louboutin is known for his ostentatious red-soled shoes inspired by the showgirls he has always admired. To complement his embellished stiletto offerings, Louboutin launched his beauty label in 2014 with lipsticks and nail polish for the woman who has everything. The over-the-top makeup packaging – with its weapon-like spike handle, bejewelled caps and gilded finish – give the products a collector’s item status. Prices match the form too: a lipstick costs $142. Beauty junkies in Singapore know what they want, and Louboutin Beauty is clued in. In June, it launched its first beauty counter in the city at Tangs Orchard, and it looks like a decadently delicious Parisian Boudoir of a femme fatale.

Elizabeth Arden Prevage Progressive Renewal Treatment

1 Week Review: Elizabeth Arden Prevage Progressive Renewal Treatment

Intensive skincare treatments can be tricky. With the high concentration of ingredients, they could either work magic on the skin, or leave it irritated and prickly. And it seems Elizabeth Arden’s premium Prevage range may have gotten the formulas of its four-week Progressive Renewal Treatment right. The genius is in the four-bottles labelled 1 to 4. Each contains an increasing concentration of peeling and rejuvenating ingredients, to minimise irritation of the skin. This treatment range is made with polyhydroxy acid, and alpha hydroxy acid to exfoliate and encourage cell turnover. It is also blended with the antioxidant idebenone as well as phosphate salts to maintain a low PH level on the skin for more effectiveness. The active ingredients are kept active and more potent with a push button mechanism that mixes the idebenone only upon the first use. See it in action here (from 2:21). Each bottle is enough for at least a week’s supply. (Although because I prefer to be conservative when it comes to using intensive treatments, and use only one pipette each …

Saturday Skin: For skin as great as the weekends come

When you come across the girly, pastel-coloured packaging of beauty brand Saturday Skin on Sephora Singapore’s bright and shiny shelves, you wouldn’t be faulted for thinking: Just another one made to catch the Millennial’s eye? With its snappy font and unassuming branding, Saturday Skin belies its serious and traditional South Korean heritage. The origins of the brand stem from the Chaum Wellness Centre, which is probably the best-kept beauty and wellness secret of the creme de la creme of Korean society. Chaum is known for combining the latest anti-ageing technologies (that tap on anything from gene analytics to stem cell-banking) with traditional Korean medicine techniques, to improve the quality of its clients’ lives and of course, their beauty. Clearly, the fees at Chaum are pricey. Apparently, membership fees start at US$55,000 a year, and a sculpting and lymphatic massage can go up to US$1,000 per session. But thankfully for you and me, you could get your hands on some of the goodness from Chaum at Sephora. Founded by beauty industry veteran Sidney Beck, Saturday Skin’s formulas are made …

Hourglass Cosmetics: Overall Review

The hype is real. Hourglass Cosmetics deserves to be in the makeup pouches of the most critical beauty junkies. As compared to many other luxury/ masstige beauty labels, Hourglass Cosmetics’ product launches are few and far between. The bold colours in the collection are mainly limited to its lip line. Yet, makeup addicts are obsessed with Hourglass Cosmetics simply because the products work. Its award-winning Veil Mineral Primer is silky-smooth and keeps makeup on through the day, partying, drama, and drinks. The super-fine Veil Translucent Setting Powder takes away the shine, without adding any cakiness, and adds a luminousity to the skin. While the new Caution Extreme Lash Mascara is a dream to use. The highlighting, blush, and contour products are legendary; as they also add a glamorous soft glow to the face. And when they are all thoughtfully packed together in a single palette; you’ve got the perfect travel glam kit. Up next on our wish list: the new Ambient Lighting Edit Face Palette in Unlocked.

ReFa Skincare: New formulas to complement platinum rollers

To enhance the instant lifting and sculpting effects of its bestselling platinum-plated rollers, Japanese beauty label ReFa has extended its skincare line. Interestingly, the latest formulas immediately tighten, firm, and moisturise the skin. Few products promise and deliver on that. The products are also lightweight and easy to layer so that you can use them in tandem with the facial tools. TBG’s picks: Expression Booster Serum (S$95) with hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin, colloidal platinum and marjoram extract Expression Rising Lotion (S$100) containing phytopolyamine from soybean, as well as marjoram and juniper extracts Expression High Tension Mask (S$80 for 4 pcs) wraps around the jawline and neck with double ear loops. The fabric mask is soaked with angelica keiskei, growth factors as well as citrus and chamomile extracts. Watch to see how it works.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream, Wonder Glow Primer, Magic Foundation

You can always tell the difference when a cosmetic brand is made with the thought process of a beauty industry veteran. After all, some of the biggest beauty brands today were the brainchild of top makeup artists of their generation. The eponymous brand of makeup guru Charlotte Tilbury seems set to be a classic beauty brand for years to come. At least based on the formulas reviewed for this post. The Magic Cream has legendary status. Apparently Tilbury uses her special custom-made blend to perk up and firm the tired skin of supermodels and celebrities backstage. Whipped with shea butter, aloe vera, camellia seed oil, damascena rose, sunflower seed oil, the cream seems heavy at first touch but blends so well into the skin. No need for an additional serum layer underneath. With SPF15, you don’t even need to layer sunscreen on top (unless you intend to spend long hours under the sun). As a base for beautifully made-up skin, Tilbury created the Wonder Glow Instant Soft-Focus Beauty Flash Primer. Use it three ways: under …

Pamper: Al Hammam Traditional Baths, Athens

With its proximity to Turkey, it is not surprising that the Al Hammam in the centre of Athens is considered one of the best in the city. Tucked in the alleyways of Athens (10 Ragava St. Plaka), it is a skip and hop away from the historic Bath of The Winds (now a museum). Step into the cool interior and be greeted by a colourful and cosy reception. But don’t let it fool you: the marble hammam space is heated up to 40 degrees celsius with hot steam. My husband and I picked the signature treatment, Al Hammam (49 Euros for 60 mins). Here’s what we got: 30 minutes in a private marbled hammam where we were steamed on a heated hexagaonal slab at up to 40 degrees celsius. Just 3 minutes in, we were gasping like fish out of water. Here’s the thing, if you are not used to or do not like saunas, the hammam experience will be trying. Thankfully, we were given cool water to drink before the 30-minute hammam session. Also …

Jill Stuart Beauty: A closer look

The result of a tag team between fashion designer Jill Stuart and Kose Corporation, Jill Stuart Beauty joins the fray of Singapore’s beauty retail scene at Sephora Ion Orchard on March 29. Debuting in Singapore for the first time, Jill Stuart Beauty is already available in the region (Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan and South Korea). Targeted at women in their early 20s with its girly pink colour cosmetics, it also entices all makeup collectors with its shiny, bejewelled, faceted, acrylic packaging. Like other Kose colour cosmetic ranges, Jill Stuart Beauty formulas are infused with skincare ingredients. They include rosemary and wild rose extract, as well as lavender and rosehip oils. Promotions at the Sephora Ion store on 29 March include free (very pretty) hand-held mirrors with S$100 purchase, and complimentary name-engraving on lipsticks. At, get a free mini lip palette with any Jill Stuart Beauty purchase.

Pamper: Super Smooth

I have nothing against women who prefer to keep the hair on their underarms as a feminist political statement. But personally, I prefer clean-shaven pits for hygiene reasons. The trouble of shaving (and the resulting ingrown hair) is literally a pain for me. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve put on a pretty sleeveless outfit; and just before heading out, realise that I need to shave. At a friend’s recommendation, I decided to try a session of hair removal laser treatment on my underarms at Super Smooth. Tucked away in a nondescript corner of the CBD area at Robinson Square, the salon does not even have a signboard. Yet, it has a constant stream of regulars to keep the clean and spacious area in business (a sign of a reliable enterprise). Previously, Super Smooth was located at Amoy Street. I opted to treat the hair follicles on my underarm ($60 per session; $1,027 for eight sessions and additional necessary ones within three years). After the areas were shaved with a disposable razor …

Kenzoki relaunches exclusively at Sephora Singapore

Kenzoki, the skincare arm of LVMH-run Kenzo will be relaunching exclusively at (also LVMH-run) Sephora Singapore stores and come March 15. The understated brand is formulated from, and inspired by plants of Asian origin: the white lotus (hydration and radiance); sacred lotus (anti-ageing); ginger flower (revitalising); plum blossom (brightening) and rice (rejuvenating and nourishing). TBG has always been impressed with the efficacy, luxurious texture and scents of Kenzoki formulas, which are good additions to any skincare routine. The products are divided into five ranges for varying skin concerns. Prices start from S$31 for 15ml for the star product, the Belle De Jour Dream Night Mask.