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Keep hair colour fresh, for longer

Nothing is more disappointing than spending hours in a salon to get that perfect hair colour, and having it dull after the first two washes.

The creators of haircare label Infuse My. Colour saw the frustration that many had with their faded colour, and set out to offer a solution.

“We are hair colourists who decided that it was time to call out colour fade and lacklustre pastels on blondes, for good,” says co-founder Rob Forgione.

Infuse My Colour creators Denis Kovyalov and Rob Forgione

Infuse My. Colour creators Denis Kovyalov and Rob Forgione

“Infuse My. Colour delivers gorgeous tones without drying the hair out or making it feel grainy. They are calibrated to deliver tones that are always appealing.”

In Asia, where bleach-bottle blondes and daring bold shades are popular, Infuse My. Colour’s bestsellers are the Cobalt, Platinum, Ruby Shampoos, and Treat Conditioner.

The range is made to intensify and maintain salon-fresh hair, and to lightly dye light and bleached hair in a fuss-free manner.


The Cobalt Shampoo (left) maintains the cool, ashy tones in hair, and adds depth to brown colours. It also gives bleached hair a mint-green denim shade.





While the Ruby one (left) keeps red and brown hair bright; and adds a striking pink to bleached hair.

Platinum (main picture) offers icy cool tones, and neutralises the yellow in bleached hair for a clean, icy blonde.

Seal in the colour with the brand’s conditioner made with hemp seed oil, ceramides and hibiscus extract.

And the trick to keeping freshly-coloured hair glamorous?

Says Rob: “Use colour shampoo on the first wash after the chemical treatment in the salon. Shampoo twice, make sure to use a generous quantity and get it delivered all the way through the hair and lengths,  rinse well. Follow with conditioner.”

Silicone-, Sulfate- and Paraben-free, Infuse My. Colour products are priced at S$33 each and will be available at Sephora Singapore, soon.


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