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La Prairie Skin Caviar Concealer · Foundation SPF15

At US$220, this concealer/ foundation is pricey.

But so worth it.

Firstly, because this product is made up of a concealer and a foundation.

Flip up the cap, and you get the cream concealer.

It provides high coverage, and is made for hiding dark circles and other minor inperfections.

The texture is a little dry, but nothing like a little eye cream layered underneath to fix it.

Then when you twist open the “cap”, which is really the pot of concealer, you get this gel-cream foundation.

Which is amazing.

It provides high coverage, so a little blob is all you need.

I like to apply liquid foundation with warm fingers, because I think it allows for a seamless application.

And this La Prairie one is perfect for finger application.

It glides on like buttah, and evens out the conplexion quickly without patchiness.

And the more I pat it in, the more it blends into my skin to look like I was barely wearing any foundation.

Then the magic happens after the foundation sets, in about five minutes after application.

I get this beautiful ethereal glow on my skin, that makes my face look like it had a soft-focus filter over it. This foundation made my complexion look so beautiful.

It is also pretty long-lasting; a primer would help it to stay on even longer.

I’ve tried plenty of full-coverage foundations, and really good ones at that. But so far, this La Prairie one is the best (maybe except for the price).

The brand says this product is also infused with its signature anti-aging extract.

But when the foundation makes my skin look so good instantly, I don’t really care if the skincare ingredients in it really work or not ✌🏻️


  1. I heard about this from Tati of Glam Life Guru… way out of my league! She did recently reviewed the Cle de Peau foundation which she loved, and was half the price.

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