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How to wear red lips

Scarlet red lips will give you instant glamour.

But the question is, how do you keep this high-maintenance look low-maintenance throughout the day?

I’ve only started wearing red lips about a year ago.

Finally found the confidence to put on a ‘look at me!’ pout after experimenting with it at a few photoshoots for work.

And after I discovered MAC’s wonderfully pigmented lipsticks of the deepest reds.

I love Ruby Woo, a fresh, bright chilli red. But my current fave is Runaway Red, a deeper scarlet.

But even then, I could only wear it if a professional makeup artist put it on for me.

I had no idea how to do it with almost microscopic precision so it looks perfect.

The first few times I wore red lips on my own, I looked like a child who was secretly playing with her mother’s lipsticks.

I just couldn’t apply it evenly on my lips and somehow it always smudges outside of my natural lipline.

Then I decided to buy a lip brush.
I used it to line my lipline with the rouge, then coloured my lips in directly with the stick.

That worked well enough but didn’t solve another problem.

Everytime I ate or took a drink, the lipstick at the centre of my lips would be gone, while the edges remained red. I look washed out and unkempt.

Then someone (the chicest of the chicas) told me:

Use a lip liner (in a colour similar to your lipstick) to line the pout, fill the rest of the lips in with the liner. Then layer the rouge over.

The lip liner gives you the precision you need for red lips, and helps the colour of the rouge to set (I like Silkygirl’s cos it stains like anything) so even when your lipstick is gone while you eat and drink, you still have colour (the lipliner) on your puckers.


– Try to get as clear a complexion as possible before you wear red lips as it brings so much attention to your face.

– Complete the look with full brows, eyeliner and mascara so you look polished.

– Exfoliate and moisturise your lips with balm first so the colour glides on evenly.

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