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Face: Shizens Lip Tattoo


This lip tattoo is Malaysian brand Shizens’ best-seller. And its first store is now in Singapore.

Apply this white liquid – which has the consistency of a runny lip gloss – on lips and it turns the puckers pink.


It makes lips look naturally pink.

The stain stays on lips the whole day, and needs minimal touch-ups.

I like to use this on its own or under my lipstick so that there’s colour on my lips even when the rouge fades.

You can use it on your cheeks for a just-pinched pink too.

– A.B.E

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Here's what you need to know about me: - I have combination skin which can get oily on the chin and t-zone (nose and forehead) while the under eye, cheek and temple area gets dry easily. - I have thick, black hair which I've gotten my trusted hairstylist to fashion into a bob. - My utmost concern is to get clear, glowing skin that is comparable to the Korean stars'! You can own the most beautiful bag, dress or to-die-for pair of heels, but they mean nothing if you have a terrible complexion. - There's no need for me to reveal my identity because I'm not out for fame, and I'll let my reviews and blog posts speak for themselves. - Get in touch with me at Beautyreports@gmail.com


  1. joyce yap says

    Recently bought lip tattoo from ksl shizen store. Is a golden cappg. Suspect is fake because the effect is t drent from the one I bought from KL with sblack cap.

  2. Hi, may i know how much is the retail price for the lip tattoo? i bought mine through a distributor at $70-$80. thanks in advance! :)

  3. Jessica says

    Oh no, I just came across of this brand and product today at KSL mall. I’ve bought them. Since I’m nearby for holiday. After reading what Joyce say made me worried. And wonder is it really fake.
    How to differentiate the real 1? As this is the first time I saw them

  4. Ain Aleeza says

    actually the golden caps its a old packaging and the black cap its the new packaging. dont worry,its still the same and u can use it :)

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