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Face: SK-II Facial Treatment Essence and Cellumination Deep Surge EX


One of the best products Japan has offered the world – SK-II.

I am now a believer.

I have long withheld using SK-II’ Facial Treatment Essence no matter how others have told me that it really is a ‘miracle water’.

Mainly because I’ve heard how dependent many can get on this product which contains the magical ingredient ‘pitera’, an extract from Japanese rice wine.

Once you start, you can’t stop, they say.

(It doesn’t help that each bottle is pretty pricey.)

Besides the fact that it sort of stops your skin’s ageing process in time, says a fellow believer and user, it apparently causes your skin to breakout and deteriorate once you stop using it.

This is because the product is so potent, your skin sort of goes into a withdrawal period (like a drug addict!) after you stop feeding it to your skin. So I’ve heard.

And what led me to try out SK-II?


On a quest to get clear and beautiful skin, he decided to buy two products to try.

When you have this almost mythical beauty potion just within reach, and seeing hubs’ complexion improve after a week, I gave in.

Three days – of using the essence and moisturiser – later, here’s my verdict:

My skin feels tighter, skin is more radiant, translucent, clearer and glowing.

There’s no turning back, sisters.

When I slap on the Facial Treatment Essence (which is like water), my skin feels refreshed. And when it is absorbed, my skin feels taut and looks brighter.

Used with the new melt-on-your-skin Cellumination Deep Surge Exmoisturiser which hydrates and makes my complexion clearer, my skin feels more elastic and bouncy after each application too.

The results are fast. I guess that’s what makes SK-II so popular in these times of instant gratification.

I’ll add more updates on my skin’s progress over the next few days, months and weeks.

Do SK-II products work for you? Share!



Hi Ladies, I’ve been using SK-II Facial Treatment for about a month or so now. But while my skin is now glowing and brighter, nothing bad happened to it for the 2 or 3 days in a week that I don’t use it.

So don’t worry about too much when thinking if you should start to use this product :)

update Sept 6: Used SK-II religiously for the last three months. Then I stopped. One month later, my skin became oilier and I had breakouts. Bought SK-II again. After one application, I woke up with clearer and more matte skin…
My skin has fallen prey to SK-II!


  1. Hmm… I’m not sure if I’d want a product that would cause negative effects if I stopped using it! I’d prefer only getting improvements, without being “punished” when I stop or run out of the product.

    • haha I know! So let me be a guinea pig. I’ll use up my first bottle of treatment essence and then not buy a new one and see what happens. I’ll keep you updated :)

  2. hehee…i’d like to know, pls keep me posted :D for a very long time, i’ve been hesitating into buy this products since i’m afraid it will make my skin depending on the products and can’t let go of these things…have you find the negative effects on these products? thanks dear :D

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