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Say What?: Pure gold in your beauty cream

All that glitters is gold. Or not?

I received a sample of this Royal Herb Skin Care EX Cream recently.

When I opened the tiny jar, I was suprised to see a pretty high concentration of pure gold flakes inside. Very sparkly.

However, when spread and rubbed on the back of my hand, the gold flakes disappear.

I can’t say much for the efficacy of this product because I haven’t and don’t intend to use it on my face.

(My skin is feeling pretty sensitive these days and this gel-like cream is surprisingly rich – no pun intended.)

Japanese company Royal Cosmetics has been producing a line of skincare made with pure gold since 1987, and besides this cream, there’s a bar of soap and facial cleanser that also contains precious gold flakes in the line.

Find out more about it here.

Apparently gold contains negative ions that will promote blood circulation and collagen production when applied to the skin.


What do you think about having pure gold in your skincare?



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